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26th rotation

Again, not the newest songs but definitely songs I enjoy listening to.

(The reason we don't post the newest singles is because they're pretty much uploaded everywhere.)

Don't judge a song's 'age' according to its release date. Music never gets old. :)

Miliyah Kato - Sayonara Baby
I'm really into Miliyah Kato's music these days. She's fresh and talented.
Son Dambi - On Saturday Night
This song has a strong 90's disco feel to it. It's not your everyday dance song released these days. It makes you remininence about the songs popular 10+ years ago. :P I personally like this song better than her previous title songs.
Kim Jong Kook - Better Today Than Yesterday
Ok I'll be honest--I'm not a fan of Kim Jong Kook's voice at all. Although I am aware that he's quite talented, I'm one of those people that go around saying he sounds like a mosquito (no offense to those who love him). But I actually really like this song. It has a pretty typical k-pop upbeat/ballad melody. The chorus is also really catchy. :)
Midicronica - San Francisco
I definitely reccomend this song--it is one of my very favourites! This song was featured in the anime 'Samurai Champloo' (which, by the way, is a great anime--albeit kind of old). I simply love this song. Just download it.
Spontania ft. JUJU - Kimi No Subete Ni
I am also loving Spontania these days. I'm pretty new with their stuff so I don't know much about them, but they produce awesome stuff. This song is has this dramatic feeling to it that makes it so catchy and likeable.

Comments make me happy! It inspires me to update. LOL. Suggestions are always welcome as well.

I hope you guys are all enjoying the warm weather!

Post by Clara. ♠
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