Clara & Shantel (080321jy) wrote in junkyardlove,
Clara & Shantel

27th Rotation

I actually intended to post this one in the last rotation, but forgot. So I'll just post it here.

Oh yeah, and some of the links to some songs in the previous post got broken, so I re-uploaded them and fixed that up. Everything from the 26th rotation should work now. :) Sorry about that!

Fahrenheit - Chao Xi Huan Ni
I'm pretty sure most of you guys are aware of this's your pretty typical Asian boyband. They sing in Taiwanese...and erm...yeah. Some of their members were casted in some dramas before, so they're pretty popular. This song's your usual catchy-idol-group-type song so if you like that then give it a try! :]

Post by Clara. ♠
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