Clara & Shantel (080321jy) wrote in junkyardlove,
Clara & Shantel

30th rotation

Hey everyone, it's Shantel ^^ How's school?
Is it just me, or is this month passing by really slowly, or draggy...? I feel like I've already been in school for 3 months....

Dang...look at their intense facial expression. Mithra Jin's(guy on far left) makes me want to laugh, hehehe >.>

If you didn't know already, Epik High's 6th album is out, since the 16th of this month ^^ I've been highly addicted to their Slow Motion song, and it is currently the only song I listen to over and over again, XD.
And if you like dancing, this song is perfect (hip hop dancing).

This is track 2 of their album, " [e] ".

Take care! 
Tags: [e], epik high, slow motion
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