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23rd rotation ~ 1st USB flash drive to release on March 25th, 2009

Next Level is the tenth studio album (eleventh overall) by Japanese pop singer-songwriter Ayumi Hamasaki, to be released by Avex Trax on March 25, 2009 in Japan. It will be released as a CD only version, a CD+DVD version,and a limited edition 2CD+DVD version. Apart from that, it will be the first album by Ayumi Hamasaki to be released as a USB flash drive.

The two GB flash drive will include the 13 songs of the album in MP3 format along with their lyric data, and six music video in MP4 format. The flash drive edition is expected to be priced at a ¥6800 (approximately USD$75).


Wow...Can you believe that, album to be released as USB flash drive?! I think that's quite unique though, since people these days aren't purchasing CD"s like the old days thanks to the internet =P. It's really pretty, too ^^, I WANT ONE!!!!!! I went on eBay last week and searched it up, and the cheapest I saw it for was around $220 (not to mention the price for shipping & handilng...).

Wikipedia also stated these tracks that will be included in Ayumi's latest album which I'm including in this rotation ^^ except...unfortunately, I'm missing 2 =(.

Green (04:50)
Rule (04:05)
Sparkle (04:32)
Next Level
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