Clara & Shantel (080321jy) wrote in junkyardlove,
Clara & Shantel

25th rotation ~ + michelle phan

Okay, it's probably been forever since our last rotation, but I'm sure you understand whyyy!
Anyways, Shantel here.
How you all been?  sigh....School is almost over...can you believe it?!

michelle phan, ricebunny
Since I've watching a lot of MichellePhan's videos, I've been really into music by Late Night Alumni, which is why I've decided to sample some of their songs. If you don't know who she is yet, this is picture is of MichellePhan (This is from her Lady Gaga Poker Face tutorial). She is a beauty guru on YouTube who gives great makeup tutorials and skin care tips (she's quite beautiful as well:D). Check out her channel if you haven't yet ^^. Gotta love her and her tutorials <3 ^^. I think it's very nice of her to take time out of her life to help everyone achieve beautiful skin. Her On-The-Go video reviews for drugstore products are very helpful too.  I cannot wait until her IQQU products are available for purchase!

If you're looking for a calm, soothing kind of song to listen to, I recommend "Breathe", "Beautiful" and "Meant to Be". The rest are a fast beat kinds of songs.
And just a reminder to everybody, these are samples, please remember to follow the rules<3. Thanks ^^
- Shantel (:

Late Night Alumni - Another Chance
Late Night Alumni - Beautiful
Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Seamus Haji & Paul Emmanuel remix)
Late Night Alumni - Meant To Be
Late Night Alumni - Nothing Left to Say
Telepopmusik - Just Breathe

Tags: late night alumni telepopmusik slow danc
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