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So I've recently watched Antique Bakery, starring Joo Ji Hoon from Goong. I know there's been all this fuss about his illegal drug use and what not, but I fell in love with him in this movie. There's this charm about him that I really like (I actually didn't like Goong the drama but I thought he was quite attractive there too)...he's not really your typical flowerboy Korean actor--he's so much more! Maybe it's because he's a model? Duno. I have a soft spot for really tall guys. 8) I'm gunna watch Kitchen next.

So yeah, the movie itself was quite delicious. It has a homosexual theme to it, which some girls might dig (the movie was based on the Japanese Shounen-Ai Manga of the same name). So I do reccomend it to girls--not really so much for guys....unless they're comfortable with that kind of stuff. Heh, heh. It definitely has a manga-feel to it too...kind of comical and everything looks so pretty and made up, and it has an interesting plot. It definitely doesn't hurt that the movie mainly consists of just four pretty boys working in a gorgeous bakery either. So if you have some free time, check it out! ;)


I uploaded three songs for you guys this time. They're all Korean and are in .wma format (hope you guys don't mind).

2PM - 10 out of 10
This song's actually the only one from 2PM that I actually took the time to like. It's upbeat...hip-hop ish .... dance song..... yeah. The lyrics are about a girl rated 10 out of 10 and they're basically just raving on about her and saying they can't live without her and stuff. It's pretty amusing--download if you wanna try them. 8)

Miss $ ft. Nam Gyuri - Don't Cheat on Me
I actually find the lyrics to this one really annoying but I lovelovelove the tune. Nam Gyuri's vocals are pretty powerful and blends in nicely with the rapping. Do you like girls rapping? Do you like Nam Gyuri? Do you just like the story of a girl begging her boyfriend not to cheat on her? Yes to any of the above? Then try it.

Shin Seung Hoon - I Believe
This song was featured in the ever-so-populer Korean flick, My Sassy Girl. It's a nice soft ballad, with Shin Seung Hoon's mellow vocals. I'm pretty sure most of you guys heard it before since so many people watched this movie. If you liked it from there, download and give the full song a try.

PS - If you reccomend any really good Korean flicks let me know. I'm determined to watch some good KOREAN films this summer. Haven't appreciated Korean cinema in so long. :/

Post by Clara. ♠
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